MYUZE, refering to 'muse' or 'muze' in Dutch, is about creating things we love and that inspire us.
The birdwing in our logo represents freedom, taking the chance to follow our dreams.

We uphold traditional craftsmanship and take the time to create high quality products which can be cherished forever. Our materials are carefully selected, using fairtrade and organic fabrics where possible. And we would love to share with you the beautiful story of how these special materials have been created.

For now, our focus is on designing bags in organic leather of a premium quality.
All are handcrafted in our studio in Amsterdam.

vegetable tanned leather


MYUZE was founded in 2014 by designer Madelon Spijker. Madelon has worked as a fashion designer for international brands for over 10 years and received great recognition for her style by winning the Robijn Fashion Awards with her womenswear collection inspired by the movie “the Birds”. Specializing in fine woven fabrics like silk, she has developed a keen eye for detail and proportion. Her style is elegant and refined, but always with a raw, urban edge. Her passion is in finding the right balance between a captivating design and a practical product.

Each bag has been given a name, inspired by real people. Consideration has been given to the person first, a picture formed of them walking along the street, of what they would be wearing, where they would be going. Then the idea emerges of a bag that would match. Since a bag should match the outfit and be functional, too.


We only use leather from organically-raised cattle in Sweden, ensuring the highest standard of animal welfare.
All leather hides are marked with an individual number, which makes it possible to trace them back to the location of the farm where the cattle was raised. A unique code is also engraved on each bag, providing detailed information on the origin of all the materials used.

The leather is vegetable tanned, using a natural bark extract. No chrome or other chemicals have been used, ensuring it is free from harmful substances and fully biodegradable. Leftovers from the tannery are even used by locals as a fertilizer for the plants in their gardens.

At the 140 year old tannery highly experienced craftsmen are passionate about their creation of premium quality leathers and employ the most environmentally-sustainable techniques possible. We consider this leather really special and are very happy to have the opportunity to work with such a beautiful material.


We run our business with great respect for both nature and people.
Our vision is to develop a premium quality product with the least environmental impact possible. We try to use organic or eco-friendly materials where possible, but only if they meet our high quality standard.

We will continue to increase our knowledge about new ways to improve the sustainability of our products.

Our policy is to be honest about our production process and the materials we use, so you as a customer can decide whether or not our products meet your standards of sustainability.

sustainable leather from Sweden